About Us


Atlas Hoops was created by Coach Edwin Atlas in the spirit of empowerment and edutainment in basketball culture.   Coach Atlas grew up in Hempstead, NY, home of Julius "Dr. J" Erving and played on the same playgrounds.  He played and coached for over 23 years in the US Army, including a season of semi-pro basketball in Istanbul, Turkey.  Coach "Ed" as he is called by players, has coached Boys and Girls Club, AAU and high school teams for over 30 years.  He designed the tee shirt collection to inspire players and also spark interest in mental toughness.  All creations are intended to display basketball swagger and confidence in players.  More designs to come and we are welcome to suggestions.  Interested in selling Atlas-Hoops tee-shirts?  Send us an e-mail with the subject line:  Affiliate Program to gameface@atlas-hoops.com.